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We want Pasadena to be next city in the LA region to adopt an increase in the minimum wage, inspired by LA City and County. Over 15,000 individuals work in Pasadena and earn less than $15 per hour. Most are full-time adult workers in low-paying industries like fast food, hotels, car washes, and retail. Most are supporting families, a difficult task in Pasadena due to expensive rents.

To make matters worse, many low wage workers face wage theft from employers who flout the law by not paying overtime and other required benefits. Workers who fall ill or who have a sick child must decide between staying at home or going to work sick, choosing between their health and that of their co-workers or putting food on the table. This needs to change.


That's why a coalition of community organizations, religious and business leaders, and labor unions are working with the Pasadena Mayor and City Council to pass and enforce a strong wage policy:


  • $15/ hour minimum wage, indexed to the cost of living

  • Strong enforcement to prevent wage theft abuse

  • More paid sick days


A higher minimum wage reduces poverty. A higher minimum wage stimulates the economy. A $15/hour minimum wage will enable families to pump more than $150 million per year back into the Pasadena economy.


Please click here to sign our online petition show your support!



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